Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Only Known Portrait Silhouette by Nellis

Does anyone own another silhouette by Nellis? See paper below for a discussion on Nellis.

This silhouette of Charles P. Leonard, cut by Nellis, along with letters addressed to the postmaster of Lowville (father of Charles), and a CDV of Nellis taken at Santiago are in the collection of Historic Deerfield Museum, Mass. If you are ever in that neck of woods, plan a visit there.


ME said...

I doubt Nellis did full figures. Is it hollow cut? or cut and paste? I could take a look if you have pics.

ME said...

This comment from Louisa:
Considering you posted this 11 years ago, I hope this comment gets to you. I believe that I may have a Nellis silhouette. It is a full length profile of my 4th great grandfather. He was a cotton farmer in SC and lived from 1800-1867. I know that it was done by an artist born without arms that cut with his toes. Surely there couldn't be more than 1, could there? I would greatly appreciate any information you might have! Thank you so much! (her email address removed by ME)

ME said...

Louisa, sent email to your address a few days ago.