Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rare Saunders Nellis Images Silhouette Artist

EBay is the place to hunt for one-of-a-kind materials. I flipped when a dag of Nellis turned up. It brought an amazing $6800+. Also, there were four CDVs of Nellis. One lot of three brought about $200. Two of those from this lot, very likely, are pirated copies of the time with no photographer's name or advertisement printed on the cards, and another was a bust image. Also, in a separate lot, a singular CDV with full standing view of Nellis was sold. This, I feel, is a very important photo as it was taken in Santiago, Chile and, clearly, so marked. This item links Nellis in South America before his death in 1865, in Bolivia ( As we all know, when someone else owns something, that holding is not very important but when that someone is "I, me or mine," it becomes quite important).
For one seller to have had all these images is mind-boggling. I am sure the collection of Nellis photos once belonged to someone very close to Nellis. Since many of the images being auctioned were taken in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island (per photographers' addresses printed on cards), it is likely the items belonged to a relative of Elizabeth Nellis (Saunder's wife) who was from Rhode Island. At any rate, such an auction of Nellis materials would not be repeated soon, if ever.

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