Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Silkwork by Martha Honeywell

This is an interesting work. It brought $1200 plus buyer's commission. The lot description is as follows:

Philadelphia silkwork basket of flowers and cutwork medallion dated 1810, ''Done by Martha Ann Honeywell with her toes and mouth, having lost both her arms in the Presence of Geo. D.B. Keim at Britons Tavern Front between Arch & Race Street - 1810 likewise the watch paper'', 9'' x 7 1/4''.

Is it Honeywell's penmanship? This is a nice piece for study.


jhanes said...

Hi there. Just discovered your website---have you been here long? Anyway, I am now the owner of the silkwork that you show on your website that was done by M Honeywell. I wrote about it in my newsletter, and here is a link to it: http://www.hanesandruskin.com/NewsletterWinterSpring2007.pdf

Also, one of the silhouttes that was sold on ebay by Honeywell (the one that sold for $200) was mine as well. I think it is pictured in the article in the newsletter. It is interesting, because the "witness" of Honeywell's execution of this work was George Keim, who was an industrial supplier from Reading, PA, and moved to Philadelphia the same year that the needlework was done on the corner of Race & Arch St. In Philadelphia, he worked with Dupont, and no doubt became a very wealthy man!

Antique Silhouettes said...

Thanks for posting. The piece is very interesting. I will post your comment to my other site as well.