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More on Sally Rogers

The following appeared in the Nov. 13, 1806, issue of the Cooperstown (NY) Otsego Herald:


The Benevolent, the charitable and curious, of this metropolis, are hereby informed, that Miss Sally Rogers, having finished here visit to her parents in New Hampshire, has returned to resume her occupation of Drawing and exhibiting specimens of her ingenuity in Painting, Writing, cutting paper with scissors, threading a needle, &c., &c., with her mouth only, having been entirely deprived by nature of the use of her hands and feet.

The correctness and agility of her performances, have filled hundreds of visitants with astonishment, and exacted the greatest applause and approbation. It having been often intimated by the ladies of the first circles, that a genteel private situation, would be much more pleasant than a public one, and be a great inducement to them to call upon her. To gratify their curiosity and assist this unfortunate young lady, she has prevailed on a respectable family to afford her a handsome room at No. 89, Orange, cornering on Harvard street, where is the entrance to her Exhibition Room.

Price of admittance 25 cents, from 9 in the morning until 9 at night.

N.B. The price is reduced from a desire to gratify every class of citizens, and the ladies may rest assured, that so far from the least disagreeable sensation arising from Miss Rogers' appearance, no one has yet ever left her room without bestowing the highest encomiums on her pleasant appearance, her manners, cheerfulness and disposition.

Submitted by: Hugh MacDougall, Official HistorianVillage of Cooperstown.

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