Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rare Contemporary Nellis Account

I wanted it and placed a high enough bid on it. I did not win. Obviously, someone wanted it more than I did. Althought the name Nellis was not mentioned, one plus one is two. I thought I had an advantage over other bidders. I know I will lose many nights of sleep over this. The following is a descrition by the seller.

"This folded lettersheet / stampless letter has a circular date stamp for NORWh Cy Ct APR 26, a 6 cent rate, and is addressed to Miss Mary Chew, Lebanon, Conn., and is a lengthy two page letter written by sister Hortense. The headline is April 13th, 1833.

Some abstracts:

"I went early this morning to see if Sophy would write you ... and was surprised to see Elisbath Platt in bed who with her mother came last night and is going to stay about three weeks. Mrs. Haskell had an examination about a week ago. The Junior class were examined in the morning from 9 till 1 on History, Astronomy, Geography, Grammar, Arithmetic and a [???] in Dictionary. We did pretty well at least so they say. The Senior Class were examined from 2 till six in ..."
"... a great many experiments were made especially with the air pump and electrical machine. We went to Peale's Museum a short time ago, where we saw a boy who had no arms cut out watch papers with his toes I saw some of his writing which was very nice ...."

"The floor next above was a hall for paintings we staid here a long time .... waiting ... and all the people rushed in to see the ventriloquist who presently came foreward dressed in a black velvet coat and white trowsers. He first show'd us the philosophical sheets of paper which turned into a great many different forms and he took a plate and made some money and a card pass through it and change places and he made an egg dance after a Lady's handkerchief and a great many other tricks. He then imitated several voices among them he called a man from down in the cellar. Peter had to come through a scuttle which it was rather hard to open so one had to pull and the [???] push and they made such a fuss, but at last he got up and pretended to drink a glass of beer and you would have thought you could hear him swallow."

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