Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Extremely Rare Broadside Advertising Martha Anne Honeywell
This broadside measuring 10½ x 8¼ inches mentions she stood only 3 feet high. I always had the feeling Sally Rogers and Honeywell were the one and the same. Did you know Rogers was also a little person?
"This interesting and talented Lady, born without arms, has acquired such extraordinary skill in the use of a common pair of Scissors, that by holding them in her mouth she is enabled to cut out of Paper the most curious and difficult designs ever attempted, or perhaps executed in the known world, such as Scripture Pieces, Likenesses of Distinguished Americans, together with a great variety of Watch Papers, Landscapes, and even the Lord’s Prayer, perfectly legible. Not the outlines merely, but resembling engraving. She also writes the Lord’s Prayer in a space that can be covered with a Five cent piece."

NOTE: That "Five cent piece" is not a nickel 5 cents but a silver half dime, which was smaller than today's dimes.

Another rare broadside, but this one does not mention the location, which would have been  handwritten in. This piece has been trimmed too close to the edges with partial missing letters on top. It likely predates the broadside above it. This particular piece looks to be pasted on to another sheet of paper. Curiously, there is another piece of paper attached to its backing paper at far top right, which seems to point to the year 1861 from that printed account. Is this broadside a kosher item? Without examining it in person, it is difficult to say.

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